Nrityakala The Rhythm was established in 1986 and has grown to become one of the foremost proponents of Indian dance, literature, music, and culture in the UK.

Our work focuses on teaching and performing classical, folk & contemporary Indian dance, namely of the Kathak and Manipuri genres, as well as promoting the rich culture and heritage of India in the UK.

On invitation from various organizations and also from Councils the organization performed all over London, other cities in the U.K, Belgium, U.S.A, and in India. In recent times arranges few shows for the new productions and for the Cultural Wing of The Indian High Commission in London.
Working on sensitizing and retention of Indian culture and Heritage in the U.K and focusing on educational aspect related the national curriculum Nrityakala Dance Heritage produced educational oral History films, booklets.

The organization very skillfully makes use of ‘dance’ assimilating music, poetry, drama, visual art and literature, by doing so not only creates magic but deals with issues of the modern world, values as well as as retains heritage of home away from home.

Heritage & Education

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”
Tagore Inspire, influence and encourage understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage of the South Asian arts in the UK and Internationally

In view of sustain and sensitize local community and younger generation about the wealth of rich Indian culture and heritage the organization apart from presenting shows , arrange workshops, make educational films and produce learning materials aiming to meet the school curriculum requirements for the schools on the U.K. Completed two projects “A glimpse of Bengal” in 2005 and “Legacy” in 2008 funded by prestigious Heritage Lottery Fund of England strengthening links between schools, Universities and communities of the U.K.


“The ethnic and cultural range of London in one of its strength, though it can also be a challenge….it helps the pupils in London whether themselves of minority ethnic or Anglo to focus from time to time on the range of Londoners, to know their backgrounds, what first brought their families to London and how people are able to cherish their cultural heritage whilst appreciating English and wider heritage of London…..

The DVD (film) contains a range of interviews with Bengalis from India and Bangladesh who came to London from 1950s to 1980s.” DR Marland believes the film is designed to be an enriching experience not only for the Bengali pupils, but for all communities in London to to have feeling of Bengali language, culture and heritage.


Create a global platform for sharing interest in dance, music, art and culture and promote interaction between contemporary and traditional, presenting shows, vocal and instrumental recitals, art exhibitions and lectures.

Dance has always been a medium to express, interpret and present literature is in the productions by assimilating music, visual, poetry and other art forms apart from retaining Indian Classical Dance forms.

Since inception in 1986 producing dance theatre on poems and stories through translation is the central mission of Nrityakala Dance Heritage particularly the works of Rabindranath Tagore –the First Asian Nobel Laureate and globally known as the voice if India’ s spiritual heritage and a great living Institution.



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