Emotional Bond

Part 1: Shri – the un-deciphered womb-

Indian mythology has a rather beautiful concept of ‘Shri’ – the un-deciphered, resplendent womb.  Her identification is a matter of speculation, both Vedic and archaic. Her divinity is derived from the ancient treatises as well as from the local folklores. Sometimes she is a force of nature, sometimes a mother figure and sometimes simply a womb, undifferentiated often. The balance shifts from one medium to the other and the shapes differ perceptive

These faces of femininity are diverse, unconventional, radiant, beautiful, sublime, fierce, ugly, deadly, magical and much more. The feminine spirit within us flows and changes to what is needed.

Concept and Choreography – Bimbavati Devi

Part ii:  Emotions (Rasas) portrayed through dance, poems and global music to be performed by the talented artistes of the U.K.

Artistic Director: Bithika Raha Basu.

About Bimbavati Devi’ dance

She had her training in Manipuri dance from her parents, the renowned exponents of Manipuri dance, Guru Bipin Singh and Guru Kalavati Devi and also from Padmashree Darshana Jhaveri, one of the well-known disciples of her father.  She is the Artistic Head of the organisation founded by her parents and the Jhaveri Sisters.  She has also learnt pung playing and the basic of Thang – Ta the martial art of Manipur.  Besides being a classical dancer par excellence, Bimbavati is now engaged in various choreographies based on Manipuri dance, even trying to experiment with new idioms, thus trying to expand the vocabulary of movements. She keeps in mind the contemporary taste, sensibility and sensitivity without polluting the pristine purity of Manipuri dance.

Her choreographies and compositions have been presented in prestigious festivals of India and abroad and have received wide acclamation of the press and public.

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